Building a Generous Culture

With Perry Noble

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Dramatically Increase the Culture of Generosity within Your Church

When it comes to giving in the church, every pastor and ministry leader has experienced the struggle of having enough resource to fund the vision God has given them. In this 4-part video series, Perry Noble shares insights, lessons, and strategies that helped him grow his church annual church budget from $48,000 to $63,000,000 in just 16 years.

In this series, Perry outlines:

  • A strategy for growing your budget immediately.

  • Developing a long-term strategy to build a generous church culture.

  • Resources to help you succeed in your preaching and communication about giving.

  • 5 fears associated with preaching on giving, and how to overcome them.

  • A theological outline to help you unleash your people from financial bondage to financial and spiritual freedom.

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Included Sessions

Session 1

Giving Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Session 2

5 Fears on Giving & How To Overcome Them

Session 3

The Gospel & Giving

Session 4

A Strategy for Building a Generous Culture

Session 5

Offering Prep Example

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