Leadership Coaching

With Perry Noble

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Leverage Your Leadership And Take Your Church To The Next Level

In this 11 video series, Perry will cover a wide range of valuable and practical information so that YOU can take your church to the next level. Each video ranging from 10-20 minutes will cover things such as…

  • How to take POTENTIAL and turn it into a PLAN
  • How to create a strategic marketing plan
  • How to leverage social media and the internet to promote your ministry/church.
  • How to create a generous, healthy and connected culture.
  • Leading and leveraging volunteers.
  • How to handle the critics
  • Creating a strategic sermon calendar for a years worth of sermons.
  • A plan for small groups that work.

This is not a series of theories. Its practical, easy to implement information that will guarantee GROWTH in your church.

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Included Sessions

Session 1

Our confidence comes from His calling

Session 2

Two Convictions

The truth is…The local church is the greatest organization in the world, more than that— God wants YOUR church to grow.

Session 3

The Right Plan + The Right People = Amazing Potential

The truth is…Having vision from God is essential for growth.

Session 4

Presentation Matters

The truth is…Presentation matters

Session 5

Seizing Opportunities—Social Media & The Internet

The truth is…The internet is here to stay and leveraging social media is an opportunity to build the Kingdom.

Session 6

Five Ways to Create A Generous Culture

The truth is…Great churches have generous cultures. 

Session 7

Haters Gonna Hate

The truth is…Critics will always be there. But you will never be great if you can’t handle the hate!

Session 8

The Power of AWESOME Volunteers

The truth is…Awesome volunteers make a great church. Here are five realities about volunteers that will take your church to the next level.

Session 9

Five Questions That Will Set Your Church Up For Success!

The truth is…Sometimes we see people as opposition rather than opportunity. Five questions we need to ask in regards to vision.

Session 10

Growing Our Church Through Intentional Evangelism

The truth is…Intentional evangelism is key in a growing church.

Session 11

Small Groups That Actually Work!

The truth is…community is absolutely essential. Let's talk about small groups that actually work!

Session 12

Taking Risks or Playing It Safe?

The truth is…Problems begin when we fall in love with comfort over obedience!

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