Getting Better At Preaching

With Perry Noble

A digital resource to help you connect with your audience, build momentum through preaching, and grow in confidence in your calling.

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Every Pastor, Preacher, or Communicator has asked this question before preaching a message: Will this sermon even matter to my people?

The truth is, you want your audience to engage and respond to the message God has given you so they can grow in their faith. But if your audience doesn’t connect, or doesn’t respond, it can cause you to lack confidence and feel ill-prepared.

Get Better at Preaching is about helping you grow in confidence, feel prepared, and preach life-changing messages! We believe as you get better preaching, you’ll feel less stress and see momentum build throughout your entire church.


When you buy the Get Better at Preaching resource, you’ll get instant access to:

  • 7 content-packed teaching videos from Perry Noble
  • Expanded Getting Better at Preaching 50-page ebook
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  • Plus, an hour-long video interview on preaching with Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church

Included Sessions

Session 1

The Importance of Preaching for Life-Change

Session 2

Five Preaching Mistakes Pastors Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Session 3

Six Concepts for Successful Sermon Preparation

Session 4

Four Principles for Preaching and Public Speaking

Session 5

How to Plan a 1-Year Sermon Calendar that Builds Momentum

Session 6

How to do a “You Asked For It” Series

Session 7

How to do a “I Love My Church” Series

Session 8

Q&A Interview with Pastor Steven Furtick

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