Live Video Coaching

With Perry Noble

Unleashing Your Leadership Potential and Maximizing Your Ministry Impact

Our new Live Video Coaching is designed to help you strengthen your leadership culture, create life-changing worship experiences, and build momentum to have a lasting impact.

Our Live Video Coaching features:

4 Coaching sessions taught by Perry Noble.
Challenging leadership lessons to help you grow and maximize your potential.
Practical steps to help you develop life-changing worship experiences.
A private group for you and 14 other pastors to build community, ask questions, and connect with our team at The Growth Co.
A Q&A session with Perry Noble.

$1,499.00 / person

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What's My Investment?

What’s the cost of not growing as a leader or not reaching your potential as a ministry? What if you could see your team and your church make progress, build momentum, and see a positive shift in your community? Would it be worth it?

We believe all of those things mentioned above are both possible and attainable when you sign up for our Live Video Coaching! Your investment for all this? Only $1499/person!

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Live Video Coaching Dates are as follows:

Wednesday, September 13th
Wednesday, September 27th
Wednesday, October 11th
Wednesday, October 25th

*All live sessions begin at 1pm EST.

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$1,499.00 / person


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