Online Church Growth Conference

Reaching People | Transforming Cities | Growing Your Church


The Online Church Growth Conference is about helping your church experience healthy and sustainable growth now and into the future.

We all know that healthy things grow. We see this in our everyday lives… Whether it’s your newborn becoming a young child; a seed sprouting into a full garden; or a small puppy turning into a full-size dog.

But how come when it comes to the local church – and God’s Kingdom – we act as if growth is a bad thing? Why is it a shame to desire your church to grow? To reach more people? To make more of a ministry impact?

Here’s the truth: your church SHOULD grow! And God wants it to grow! We’re hosting the Online Church Growth Conference to teach practical strategies and steps you can take to reach more people, transform your city, and grow your church.

Conference Schedule

In Person

9:30am - 12:30pm


12:30 - 2:30pm

Lunch and Q&A



Live Broadcast




Live Broadcast

Session 1

Why You Should Not Feel Bad About Wanting Your Church To Grow

Session 2

What Is The Reason Many Churches Have Stopped Growing (And Are Losing Millennials In Record Numbers?)

Session 3

Three Foundational Issues Your Church Must Address If You Want To See Exponential Growth